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The Therapeutic and Healing Powers of African Community Life.

Growing up in my village, I noticed that we were never really alone. Whether we were going to school, church, the farm, the stream, hunting for snails, firewood, palm kernels, or animal feed, grinding food, attending a ceremony, building a house, cultivating our farmland, processing garri/fufu and palm oil, cooking, or even eating, we always had company.

We celebrated our victories and mourned our losses together. We laughed together and cried together. Everyone knew everyone else and what was going on in their lives. This allowed us to support and help each other whenever needed.

We took turns helping each other build our homes, cultivate our lands, and make sure everyone had enough food. We worked together to process the resources that sustained us. We enjoyed spending time together and talking about everything under the sun.

Everything we did was done in groups—with other people. This created a strong sense of community and belonging. People were generally happy and content. Happy individuals made up happy families, and happy families made up happy communities.

Victoria Williams

Play Therapy Trainee,


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